With an abundance of academic sessions & simulations being conducted around the country alleged to be a centre for providing a platform aimed at understanding International Relations, Geo – Politics, Life Skills & Career choices, there yet exists a void between representation and execution, there yet exists a question of legitimacy & there yet exists an apprehension about the quality of content and debate.

Being a team which has endured the complications of both ends of such simulations & symposiums, Apogee-oh aims at providing institutions & individuals with platforms & opportunities to learn, execute & experience via workshops, trainings, conferences & simulations the true essence & significance of Geo – Political Relations, Life Cycle Management & Adeptness, keeping in mind the faith and trust which is laid into our hands by our members to provide an environment for unbiased learning free from individual perspectives, union & country specific standpoints.

  • Glocal Acquaintaince & Mindfulness

  • Feather to Curriculum

  • World Readiness

  • Cviously

  • Analysis and Conflict Resolution

  • Networking

  • Public Speaking

  • Etiquette and Conduct

  • Training Workshop

  • Experiential Pedagogy

  • Beyond the Classroom

About Us

Diplomathon offers a platform to challenge students to ponder deeply over the world's issues and encourages them to analyze the situation critically to take a stand. The dynamic team persist in building confidence in the participants through communication and collaboration activities with each other so as to arrive at common consensus driven towards global peace.

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Address: B-45, Nand Bhavan Industrial Estate. Mahakali Caves Road, Andheri East, Mumbai 400093, Maharashtra, India.

Mobile No: +91-22-40232143

Email: info@diplomathon.in